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. >> back now with continuingith coverage out of boston. the f.b.i. is leading the investigation of two bombs that exploded at the boston marathon it's being treated as an act of terrorismful a source confirmsfm that a saudi national here on a student visa is questioned but at this time he is not considered a superintendent. s he isup a person of interest. police officers searched an apartment in a boston suburb saying a search warrant related to the attack has been issued. >> we saw dozens of ambulances on one street. cars on another street. fire trucks just a lot going on. >> and really put a damper on the whole experience. >> wow. the principal authorized a robo call to let people know he was all right. >> another local man in the boston marathonment "the washington post" he had it tour was not injured in the explosions. err this morning we talked toexo him by phone from boston to get his account of chaotic aftermath. >> i finished the race a littlet bit before the bombs went off and i was kind of in the -- i te was about two blocks away. i had already picked up my gear bag and when
the f.b.i. is taking the lead in the case and treating the attack as a terror investigation. however they say it's still unknown whether the attack was foreign or domestic. let's turn to maureen. >> we're learning more tonight about the victims their injuries and exactly what type of daevic was used to unleash this carnage on innocent bystanders and runners at the boston marathon. >> some blasts rocking a usually festive day in boston. runners going from running to the finish line to running for safety after two massive explosions at crowded cope lee hall just before 3:00 p.m. -- >> everybody ran in and tore down those fences and jumped in and helped the people. it was unbelievable. >> an 8-year-old boy is among one of the three people killed. 141 are injured, eight critically. the hurt includes children with severe trauma and other victims with all take shins and severe burns. most of the injuries are to the victims lower extremities -- i spoke to one of the injured runners's mother. his mother donna johnson says this was her son's first marathon. now he may never run again. >> it w
they were set oft and even bigger question who dii it remean remains unanswered as. fbi agents were questioning a man who was stopped while wh running from the scene, and searched his apartmentent overnight. but they have been quick toeen report that he has been clearedd of any involvement, they won't o stop until they find who is responsible. >> our investigation won't best' confined to the city limits of boston. it would extend out to theextent eastern massachusetts area.massc this will be a worldwide investigation. we will take -- we will go to the end of the earth to identifo the subject or subjects who arer responsible for this despicable crime, and we will do everything we can to bring them to justice. >> investigators are asking foro photos and video from anyone near the finish line yesterday hoping they may hold a clue as to who carried out the attack. officials are going through surveillance video of businessev in theeo area fame by frame. janet that pol napolitano, thera there's no evidence that the bombings were a part of a bigger plot. security will remained ramped up as
to the te attack has been issued. issu the fbi is leading thethe investigation, the attack isione being treated as an act of terrorism. federal sources confirm through fox news, that a saudi national in the u.s. with a student visaa is being questioned in the bombings, but so far not qualified as a suspect. it has theft three dead including an 8-year-old boy, and injured 140 people, more than a dozen critically. >>> let's turn to tucker barnesn to check on the temperatures. >>> hi, sarah.arah. just like yesterday a lot of of cloud cover, and there's peeks s of sunshine, the radar nice andd quiet, might be a few drilesle in a few spots this morning. we get what we call the onshore flow. the clouds are in place and it's possible as the moisture gets gs pushed up against the mountainsn we could see a little bit ofof drizzle develop.develop. we wouldn't pick it up on radar. otherwise, quiet start to the day, there might be a it was shot by someone watchinge the race, and you can see thethe crowds of people and building. so far no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. >> president
of the media are being briefedbeing bri right now. here is the special agent in agen charge with the fbi. >>> nylon bag or backpack. ba the bag would have been heavy because of the components comp believed to be in it. it at this point it's difficult to determine specific components used until we can eliminate other factors which may have been present in the environment. in fact, we won't know with some certainty until the laboratoryratory completes its final review. revie away from the scene yesterdayerday afternoon the gttf began its investigation. immediately after theinve bombing the fbi initiate add a command coand post. those assigned to the jttf and other agent associated with jttf and many others on their own including boston, police, more than 1,000 law enforcement enfo across many agencies have beenn assigned to this investigationation via the command post. they began canvassing sources reviewing government and public source databases ask conducting condu interviews with eye wonses eyewitnesses toses determine who is responsible forresp this crime. we are doing this method
this morning.morn the fbi is now leading the the investigation into the deadly explosion at the boston marathon. the attack is being called an an act of terrorism. terr police are also searching an apartment in a boston suburbstou only saying a search warrantwart related to the attack has beensn issued. a federal source also confirmss to fox news that a saudi saud national in the u.s. on a student visa is being questiones in the bombing but so far is not classified as a suspect. president obama vows to bring r whoever is responsible to justice. do not know who did this or why and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before wenc have alllu the facts, but make o mistake, we will get to the gett bottom of this. and we will find out who did did this, we will find out why theyy did this. this. >> three people were killed in the explosions including an 8-year-old boy. more than 140 people were also injured, 17 of them critically.t >>> there's heightened security at a number of high risk locations throughout the drisk district as a precaution. that includes the white houseite and today's emancipation
and woman power necessary to put all the information together that's something the f.b.i. can do well. unfortunately in the past in these investigations federal law enforcement use it as a one way street. they'll take information from the locals and they won't share anything. from watching the press conference i think they're will be the kind of sharing back and forth that needs to occur in order to advance the investigation. >> what do you make of the reports from seen year law enforcement that there was no chatter about this leading up to the event? >> because this was a domestic event if there was any chatter that was international it doesn't necessarily mean that it they were prepared to share it with the local law enforcement. i think that will be one of the other interesting stories to follow in the coming days. because in the past the f.b.i. has been very effective at detecting internationally and domestically activities before they occurred. this one clearly got through all the safety nets and it is you know this clearly involved more than one person. >> and that's what i was
. >> new this morning, we'reing, r learning about a possible persos of interest being questioned by the fbi. fox news.com has identified thai person. he is a 24-year-old saudi national who entered the countrn on a student visa. overnight law enforcement officials searched an apartmentr in the southern suburb of revere, but so far officials are staying tight-lipped about this person of interest. meanwhile, the white house sayss the attack is being treated astd an attack of terror.terror. we will have more investigatione and the local security responseu in just a minute, first we want to check with tucker for a chec on the forecast. good morning, tucker. >>> good morning, tony.ning, we got a nice mild start to thee day. the temperatures in the 50s, th, it should be a decent afternoon. i know we got a parade downtown and a big day for many people outdoors. we should highs in the low low 70s, it won't be a bad day atat all. bwi marshall at 52. at starting the day with cloud cover. the thinking is the clouds willl trend, we will start to see the clouds breakup during the course of the day. day.
the eastside of revere. a search warrant related to thee bombs has been served. se >>> the fbi is leading the investigation. the attack is being treated asi an act of terrorism.teoris a federal source confirms to fox news that a suddeny national inn the u.s. on a student visa isis being questioned but so far is not classified as a suspect. more than 140 people were injured, 17 of them critically. >> the secrecy service expanned its perimeter in and around the white house following the boston marathon explosions. there's been no direct threat.a. pennsylvania avenue was sealed off at the white house. hous the closest people can get lafayette park. park. the extra personnel can be seenn on both the ground and the roofr of the white house. hous >>> while today is emancipationi day, the parade recognizing that d.c. holiday will go on scheduled. >> it will begin at 7:00 a.m. and mayor vincent gray, and police chief kathy lanier say sy that extra police measures arecs already in place. plac >> we leave that we are well prepared to defend the 632,000 0 people that live here and theand many thousa
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9